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The year is 2065 and Earth is  under siege. A meteor has crashed onto the planet, unleashing millions of alien creatures which roam the Earth. Decimating field and city alike, these predators are threatening to extinguish all life on the Planet.  The survivors of the initial onslaught have retreated to barrier cities built to protect the inhabitants of Earth from the marauding invaders. But the few cities around the globe are in decline and time is running out.  Yet, the sprit of humankind is resilient and embodied in the brilliant and beautiful Dr. Aki Ross. Determined and capable, Aki strives as
EarthÅfs last hope against extinction.  With the guidance of her scientific mentor, Dr. Sid, and the aid of the Deep Eyes military squadron led by the   courageous Captain Gray Edwards, Aki races to save both the Earth and herself.
Terminally infected by an alien, Aki holds the key to discovering the secret to defeating the alien predators.  But her quest is jeopardized by the militant opposition of General Hein, who plots to unleash a massive space cannon that will annihilate the aliens and possibly the Earth. As the clock ticks down, Aki searches within her dreams to find an answer to the alien mystery, while scouring the Earth to collect the eight spirit waves she believes will save the planet.  Fighting both the enemy within and the scheming General Hein, who would destroy the Earth in order to save it, Aki valiantly pursues her Final Fantasy.


Already infected by the  aliens, Aki must use her scientific intellect to find means to combat the alien predators. As she searches for an answer to the Earth's plight, Aki works simultaneously to reveal her enemies' purpose. Despite
dwindling time for the Earth and herself, she remains true to her optimistic nature.  Possessing unwavering
determination, Aki battles to overcome earth-shattering obstacles in her efforts to save mankind.

A military captain and leader of the elite Deep Eyes squadron, Gray confronts enemies and aliens alike - head on. Gray's reputation for loyalty and trustworthiness earns him the unquestioning support of his troops, whom he leads into battle with unhesitating courage and determination. Yet, the biggest challenge he faces may be his devotion to a

Driven by a hero complex and a desire for vengeance, General Hein seeks a quick and violent end to the alien    invasion. Hein, a military strategist, clearly shows skill,  yet his ego overshadows his wisdom. Determined to    avenge the death of his family at the hands of predators,  General Hein will take whatever course necessary to  destroy both the enemy and  Aki's alternative strategies.  However, his stubbornness  and hatred may be a greater
threat to the Earth than the aliens.


The genius behind the wave theory, Dr. Sid possessed a facile mind as well as a compassionate heart. As he    guides his protege, Aki, towards a final solution, he imparts both scientific principals and fatherly advice. The Earth's fate depends on his innovative and unprecedented scientific vision.

The brain behind the Deep Eyes squadron, Neil applies mental and physical fortitude to challenge the alien predators. Possessing a sarcastic sense of humor that belies his intellectual pessimism. Neil is an integral and reliable component of the force.

The Deep Eyes squadron's sergeant and second in command, Ryan displays a relentless dedication to his team and their cause. His selflessness and courage set an example for his fellow soldiers. Although at times irreverent, Ryan recognizes his duty to his superior and best friend, Gray Edwards. Ryan will seek victory until he or his opposition is defeated.

The slayer of all misogynistic stereotypes, Jane meshes good looks with even greater courage and athleticism. A
proud soldier, she charges angrily into battle, regardless of the risk. Fueled by honor and a short fuse, Jane often
butts heads with her sarcastic team member, Neil, though her direct nature ensures she wastes no time with either fellow solider or her opposition.