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Have you ever imagined what Heaven is like? I have. Have you ever imagined what you would like
Heaven to be?  I have. Have you ever imagined what you would doin your Heaven? I have.

In my Heaven, it is warm with the sun shining bright in a clear sky. There are fluffy,white clouds drifting
in a blue expanse that stretches from every horizon. The air isclean and fresh with a mixture of pine,
lilac, and honeysuckle floating on a breeze that gently caresses my skin.  Birdsong of every
kind-intermixed with the buzzing of honeybees, dragonflies, and grasshoppers-provide a refreshing
concert for my soul.

In my Heaven, I awaken in a field of grasses and wild flowers of every color and description - blue,
white, pink, red, yellow, orange, violet and colors unknown to human eyes. Surrounding this field
are beautiful green trees, standing like silent sentinels as their leaves wave with joy for all to see.
High overhead an eagle soars on wings that wander invisible circuits across the face of a smiling sky.

In my Heaven, I go barefoot everywhere. Like a child with no cares, I dance among the wild flowers
and long grass.  I embrace thick trunks of mighty trees and cling to them as out hearts beat as one.
Then I laugh and run away, playing hide'n'seek with bears and deer and squirrels and rabbits. And
when we stop to rest, angels serve us manna that instantly brightens every eye.

 In my Heaven, my bare feet wander in the cool, clear water of a laughing brook. My toes cling to
slppery, smooth stones as I squat down to scoop up a taste of the sweet liquid dripping from my
cupped hands. Spying a sparkling stone, I snatch it forth, admiring how it reflects the sun's warm light
before returning it to it's home in the cool  water. And when I slip and fall in the swiftly moving brook,
my laughter fills the air as hushed giggles are heard from unseen lips in the shadows.  Even in
Heaven there are creatures known only to animals, cherubs and young children.

In my Heaven, this brook empties into a quiet pool near the mouth of a river that in turn flows into an
ocean as blue as the firmament of creation. Pausing to drink deep the salty air, my invigorated legs
run onto the sandy beach, only to stop ankle-deep in the foaming green water. The urge to dance
overcomes me as I wander down the beach with tapered-winged gulls seeming to hang
motionless in the air around me.

In my Heaven, as the sun sinks low in the sky, you and I walk hand-in-hand up a gently sloping hill,
laughing and giggling as we go. At the top, we sit in speechless awe as we watch the golden ruler
of the day silently sink into the darkening ocean's embrace. Then as the stars begine to appear,
we point to every one, giving each a name, until there are more stars twinkling overhead
than grains of sand upon the beach. With the night sounds serenading us, we snuggle together,
drifting into a peaceful sleep where every dream is of a Heaven-more wonderous than
this-yet to be imagined.
  Author: Paul Landis Delaune