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Favorite Time of Year
Written by Paul Landis Delaune


Winter in South Florida is much different than it is in most of the rest of the United
States.  Regardless how cool it gets, our temperatures usually stay mild enough to wear
shorts and short-sleeves, most of the trees keep their leaves, and we donít get any snow
or ice. As a friend of mine is fond of saying, ďIn South Florida there are just two seasons Ė
summer and hot summerĒ Ė and thatís an accurate description of our weather.


After you live here awhile you start to notice the subtle changes season to season.
You know summer is over and fall begins when in mid to late October it gets cool
enough to turn air conditioners off and open windows.  I love autumn in South Florida
and itís my favorite time of year for a few reasons.  First of all, football season is in full
swing and Iím an avid fan of the Miami Dolphins and NFL football in general.  I also enjoy
it becoming cooler because the summer heat and humidity can often be brutal. Having a
spinal cord injury means my sweat glands, as well as my muscles, are paralyzed so I
have a difficult time staying cool outside during the summer.  Another reason fall is my
favorite time of year is because this is when we have Thanksgiving, which is special a
time for celebrating life with family and close friends.

    Usually winter comes to South Florida in late December or early January.  Some years
on Christmas Day it can be in the 50s or 60s during the day while other years it can be
in the 80s.  Iíve known Christmases when my brothers have gone surfing and we have eaten
dinner outside on the porch.  Winter is my favorite time of year because itís when we have
Christmas, the beginning of a New Year and my birthday in February.  Itís when some
years we sometimes can wear sweaters and sweatshirts for a change.  Besides it being
exciting cause of the holidays, the NFL season ends, the playoffs begin and the Super
Bowl is played.  With the milder, dryer weather, itís a fun time to be outside for hours
without being concerned about the heat.


    I love the spring in South Florida because the days start being long and daylight
savings time begins again, so itís light later in the evening and a good time for having
outside activities later in the day. Itís also my favorite time of year because in April the
NFL has its college draft, which gives us avid NFL fans something to enjoy during the
long offseason.  With it being Easter, too, itís inspiring to focus on the rebirth of life and
the resurrection from death.  Itís so easy to focus on the temporal aspect of life and we
need to be reminded that eternity is our true birthright.

    Summer comes early to South Florida Ė often as soon as April when itís not unusual for
it to begin to be hot and humid again, though the real high heat and humidity wonít begin
until June. In June the heat and humidity brew for a month, so being outside during July,
August and September is like being in a steamy sauna.  Still, itís my favorite time of year
cause itís when we have a vacation mentality with long holiday weekends, like Memorial Day
and Labor Day, and 4th of July celebrations as well as bikinis and miniskirts in abundance.
Also, July is when NFL training camps open and after a long offseason itís a time for many
pro football fansto hope and dream again of their favorite teams having successful seasons
with great plays and exciting games.


    It would appear that every time of year is my favorite time of year, for each and every
season has its holidays, celebrations and special events as well as the experience of daily
life to fill oneís mind, heart and soul with awe, excitement and fun.  Life is wonderful Ė even
with its hardships, struggles, sadness and tragedies Ė for there is much beauty and humor in
our worldly existence.  And there is love and hope Ėwithout these, life would be meaningless.