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Our Door To The Kingdom
Written by Paul Landis Delaune


Often I have wished I had more faith and heard others 
wish the same thing. We believe we could better handle our problems and perform miracles if we only had more faith. We 
read and hear about men and women of ancient times as well 
as through the centuries having faith strong enough to do the impossible. Usually these individuals are viewed as being 
closely associated to God and possessing a Divine boon to 
command the elements.

     We act like faith is beyond our comprehension and 
capability. We muddy faith with dogma, superstition and misconception. Faith is a quintessential element of being 
human. We have a mind, emotions and faith. These are our connection to the invisible reality that exists around and 
within us. This reality we cannot experience with our physical senses. When this invisible reality manifests itself in our 
experience, we perceive these manifestations as miracles.

     It has been said faith must be exercised to be strong. Faith 
is always strong. It never weakens or fails. What must be 
exercised is our mind. Negative thoughts influence faith. Fear 
and worry but doubt most of all reverse faith. To live by faith 
with minds full of doubt is like adding mud to the mixture for making steel. The steel will crumble and be useless. When we choose to trust, not doubt, then we free our faith to manifest 
the wonders of our invisible reality into our experience.

     Faith is tiny but powerful—powerful enough to move mountains. Faith with negative intentions destroys 
mountains. Imagine what it will do to human beings and 
human experience. Faith can heal or destroy. Its power can 
bring about wonders beyond anything we have ever 
imagined or it canwreak unimaginable horrors. 

     What we believe is what we put our faith in. Our faith empowers what we believe and manifests our beliefs in our experience. My negative beliefs have wrought negative results 
in my experience while my positive beliefs have wrought 
positive results. Thus, it is my responsibility to change my 
beliefs. In turn, what we believe and put our faith in affects everyone else, too, for we’re all connected 
through our invisible reality.

     Trust and loving beliefs can bring about everyday 
miracles.  Extraordinary love and trust can bring about 
impossible miracles. Groups of loving, trusting people can 
alter their experience for the better and that of others as 
well. Imagine what leagues and nations of like-minded 
loving, trusting people could manifest!  The keys to 
realizing the full potential of faith are the degree of our 
trust and the nature of our beliefs. Faith is our door to 
the Kingdom of God.