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If I Tell You
Written by Paul Landis Delaune

     If I tell you every day that I love you, will you tire of hearing it?  Will my
words begin to be commonplace and empty? Will you put your fingers to my lips
and ask me to stop? Will you become uncomfortable and try to avoid me? I enjoy
telling you that I love and it feels wonderful to say it. It means I care
about you and enjoy your friendship very much.

     If I show you every day that I think you are special, will you tire of me doing it?
Will my gestures become ordinary and meaningless? Will you think Iím
overdoing it and cease to enjoy my attention? Sometimes words arenít
enough and I want to show you how much you mean to me. I enjoy doing the
little things that demonstrate how I feel about you and each is done
with a caring thought in mind.

     If I call you every day to talk with you, will you tire of my phone calls? Will my
calls become irritating and annoying? Will you think Iím butting in and
interfering with your busy schedule? I enjoy our conversations and we usually
find a lot to talk about. I love your intelligence, caring attitude, spirituality
and sense of humor and our conversations help add interest, warmth,
inspiration and laughter to my life.

     Some people are blessed with lifelong spouses and lovers, but I am not one
of them, though indeed that is my desire. I admit I have been like a honeybee flitting
from blossom to blossom as my fickle heart wanders after the rambliní rose of
romantic illusion. And as my wanderlust wanes, my foolish heart finds itself
languishing in a desire that seems will never die.

     It is said all good things come to them who are patient enough to
wait, but some things never seem to come to some. Waiting doesnít
fulfill a passionate heart.

    Alas, all is not lost. Passion, it seems, exists other than in romantic affection
and physical intimacy. The fire of genuine friendship and the emotional intimacy
therein can ease the lust that screams forfs attention. Interesting discussion,
intellectual stimulation, and, yes, honest emotional regard can form bonds
as enduring and faithful as any vow. Spouses and lovers seek commitmentsóintimate
friendships demonstrate commitments without seeking it.

    When I think of you, I feel emotional excitement and my heart
smiles. When we share thoughts, my heart feels at home. When I realize
you are one of my best friends, my heart feels blessed. Lover and spouse
I may not have, but your friendship means as much.

    If I tell you every day that I love you, will you tire of hearing it?

Background music: 'Linger' by The Cranberries