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Playing With Matches
Written Paul Landis Delaune

    Most people in the United States and perhaps in other modern,
industrial nations believe that Reality is constant the way it is and
that nothing can change it.  Modern science tells us the physical world
contains certain natural laws and these laws don’t change.  When
something does happen to contradict these laws, the activity is
explained away or said to be unexplainable without really accepting
that something extraordinary occurred outside the laws of nature.

    We modern human beings also believe the world is constant
when it comes to our religious point of view.  This is especially true
of modern, Western civilization where religious thought is heavily
influence by the religious triad of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
Human activity is viewed as being part of a Cosmic struggle between
good and evil in which we are on one side or another of this great
struggle. Invisible Deities and demigods war in an invisible battlefield
overshadowing and influencing all human activity within the physical
world.  Hope and fear are the weapons of both sides.

     I don’t believe our Reality is governed by certain immutable,
natural laws nor do I believe we exist in a Cosmic battlefield between
Heaven and Hell.  I believe we live in a Reality where thought,
imagination and faith can and does alter our experience within both the
physical and invisible realms of our existence.  Concepts and beliefs
are stronger than facts.  And the physical and immaterial realms of our
experience form one Reality that we barely know and understand, for
human imagination designs the fabric of our experience.  When beliefs
become concepts and enough human beings seize these ideas, imagination
and faith alter and construct new a new Reality.  Within Reality are
other realities empowered by other forms of Intelligence we may or may
not know exist, and the imagination and faith of us all molds our
experience, and our experience is our existence, and our existence is
our Reality.

     I believe we see evidence of these extraordinary possibilities
of alter-realities in our mythology.  I believe that gods, goddesses,
demigods, mutated creatures, monsters and heroes of mythology are
based on fact, on reality, on concepts empowered by vivid, fertile
imagination and unwavering faith.  Dragons—yes, fire-breathing—fairies,
mermaids, the phoenix and other assorted creatures and beings were
real, and perhaps are real within their own realities walled off from
us by our unbelief.

    We human beings have a high regard for our own species and we act
like we know it all within the framework of our reality.  We don’t
realize we’re immature, impetuous adolescents who have much to learn
and understand as to what makes Reality the way it is.  Our leaders in
science don’t understand the role or the power of thoughts, concepts,
imagination and faith.  They, nor do we, understand the invisible,
immaterial power we possess within our minds and our hearts that makes
nuclear power seem like match sticks.  Let’s quit playing with matches
and discover the greater power existing within ourselves to construct a
Reality worthy of our noble hopes and dreams.