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Mating Time Again
Written by Paul Landis Delaune


It’s mating time again.  They sniff around each other, sensing the other’s love and desire, yet they try to act nonchalant, expecting the other to snarl or slash with bared claws at the other.  But no protest or warning comes; just a curious glint in each other’s eyes that stirs something strong deep within their hearts.

 She had been sending him signals for days now, subtle visual markers left in the corners of his mind, letting him know that she was thinking about him and she cares, really cares, despite all the hateful, hurtful vomit they have spewed at one another.  He noticed her signals,but pretended to not see and ignored their message; instead choosing to believe only poison flowed in her veins.

Then, the impossible happened…she whispered those three little words and the veil lifted from his eyes, melting away the scabs from his heart.  But he didn’t know what to say in response.  This dance they had moved to for so long with its glass wall separating their hearts had become the norm and accepted by both.  Now the wall lay in shards at his feet and their hearts beat as one.

 Before he could think the arms of love drew them together and they embraced as long lost friends do.  They tried to speak, but a kiss got in the way and they fell into a silken bed of passion.  The floodgates of pent-up emotion opened and their pain drowned in wet kisses that prophesied the eager lovemaking that joined them, uniting their flesh as their hearts had united in a time that neither remembered.  Dreams of ecstasy were theirs as the moon gazed in awe.

The morning sun found her sleeping peacefully, a single red rose on the pillow next to her.  Before her eyes awakened she knew he was gone. Her lips caressed the fragrant petals of the rose as her tears remembered the dream that haunted her heart and she smiled despite her tears.  Before the sunset she would light a candle and place it in her bedroom window.  And the light strains of a violin played nearby as their dance resumed…until it was mating time again.