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Written by Paul Landis Delaune

     Deep in the center of my heart is a secret place.  Itís a place I enter into by way of a long,
winding staircase down a dark, narrow passageway.  Here is a lone room hidden from
the eyes and ears of others.  Itís walls are plain with no windows and a huge, metal door
with a heavy lock.  Scattered throughout this room are tables with stands of test tubes,
bunsen burners, and other incidental equipment.  It looks like a laboratory.

     It is a laboratory, but not an ordinary laboratory.  Also, in the room is a bed, a
TV with a VCR, a  stereo, a refrigerator, stove and a microwave.  A big couch, a couple
arm- chairs, a wooden desk and coffee table, and a small dining table with two
chairs are the other furniture in this room.  Itís a place of solitude.

     In this solitude, there is one other person.  She is beautiful with long, dark hair,
dark eyes, red lips, and a wonderful smile.  Her only apparel is a long-sleeved, white
lab coat, black high heels, and the standard thick-framed, black glasses.  She is
my spirit lover and this our secret place to explore the wonders of love.  And in
this laboratory are some of the modern basics for human comfort and experience.

    Into this place we come together in silence, speaking not a sound, as we let our
hearts speak through our eyes and physical touch.  Without fear are we with each other,
openly exploring and learning the sweet pleasures of affection and the heady delights of
passion.  My steady gaze drinks deeply of her bright eyes, admiring how her long, dark
hair frames her face, its silky texture caressing my chest, as my lips embrace hers in
countless kisses of love.

    For hours and hours we enjoy many intimate delights.  Time seems to stand still as no
worries or concerns blemish our being together.  In the world of form love has held
heartache and many bitter tears, but in this paradise in mind no sorrow or despair touches
us.  Joy and ecstasy are the only fruits we partake from the moment I enter this room until
the moment I leave.  As I slowly awaken, Iím aware of her head laying on my shoulder and
Iím happier than Iíve ever been before.

    When I leave, I do so with a spring in my step and a song in my heart.  Emerging from
the dark passage to that secret place, I see darkness has fallen and I pause to behold the
skyís intricate tapestry of sparkling diamonds woven into nightís black cloak.  In this
spectacular scene my spirit glimpses a moment of eternity--with each breath a prayer of
thanksgiving. Out the corner of my eye something whispers for my attention and turning
I see just above the horizon a new star flickering out of sync with the countless others spread
across the heavens.  For there, pulsating with youthful energy, is a new-light created in the
world of spirit, conceived in passion with my spirit lover, born of the joining of spirit
and form.  And I smile, for with Spirit, I am co-creator.